<div>She usually uses Facebook to know the world news and she also reads some articles about actual topics</div> s1.thingpic.com
<div>She always listens to music in English and she practices the language to improve personal relationships when she travels abroad</div>
<div>She uses Youtube to solve some doubts about homeworks or studies</div>
<div>She often uses instagram to catch ideas about fashion and lifestyles such as sports and healthy food</div>
<div>She draws and paints to know how to switch off and to develop creativity</div>
<div>She likes to talk with her peers to get confidence in herself and to know different points of view</div>
<div>She sometimes discusses with her family to know some things about housework and how to improve yourself</div>
<div>She uses Google Maps to know how to arrive to many places in an unknown city</div>
<div>She normally reads books to enrich her vocabulary and not to commit mistakes when she makes writings</div>
<div>She loves travel to know other cultures and their costumes, gastronomy, dances and languages</div>