Area 1002 of the Arctic Refuge is especially important ne...
<div>Area 1002 of the Arctic Refuge is especially important nesting habitat to birds from six continents, but it does not have permanent protection against oil and gas drilling.</div>
<div>Parts of the refuge are permanently protected by a Wilderness designation. A bill introduced in Congress would confer Wilderness protections to the 1.5 million acres in Area 1002.</div>
<div>Large swaths of the Arctic are already open to drilling, including this area where leases have been sold.</div>
<div>A vast expanse of the National Petroleum Reserve is also open for leasing. Why open the fragile refuge for drilling when unused reserves are available elsewhere?</div>
<div>Areas are open for leasing for oil and gas drilling from the state of Alaska.</div>
<div>Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which carries crude oil 800 miles from Prudhoe Bay south to Valdez.</div>

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