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<div>Students download images that they have found online. They don't check any copyright.</div><div><br></div>
<div>Students get to work and find a lovely picture for their cover page. They crop the image and paste it into a document. No citation or check to see if they can use the image or if it can be modified.</div>
<div>Students submit their work with either no references, or incomplete/inaccurate citations. </div>
<div><br></div><div>Teacher taken unit of work and used without attribution to creator.</div><div>Teacher uses an array of images, videos, text to support their teaching with no attribution, may even modify works found to suit their unit.</div>
<div>Teacher sets assignment with no clear guidelines in regards to copyright for students.</div>
<div>Students have lost chance to PRODUCE AND SHARE their work and to participate in the digital sharing culture by adding a licence to their own intellectual property.</div>
<div>Students creating a multi-media assignment use some music from the internet, they do not check for copyright or provide a reference for it.</div>
<div>Students add videos that they have found online to their work with no regard for copyright.</div>