Remix of "GSuite Applications and the 4Cs"
<div>Google Classroom is a way to use all of Google Drive's applications in a easy-to-use management system to help teachers be more efficient and improve feedback.</div><div><br></div> Connexion : comptes Google
<div>Google Drawings can help teachers and students create custom icons, tell stories, design diagrams, develop infographics, and more. </div><div>- critical thinking</div><div>- communication</div><div>- collaboration</div><div>- creativity</div><div><br></div> Choose from a wide variety of shapes to create diagrams and charts. Free from Google.
<div>Use Google Sheets to gather, sort, and visualize data easily. Add-ons can help teachers provide feedback and assign grades to student work easily. </div><div>- critical thinking</div><div>- communication</div><div>- collaboration</div> Create a new spreadsheet and edit it with others at the same time — from your computer, phone or tablet. Free with a Google account.
<div>Google Slides gives students the ability to showcase what they learn with a simple to use presentation tool, with quick access to images, drawing tools, animations, themes, videos, and research tools; all in an easy, collaborative space. </div><div>- communication</div><div>- collaboration</div><div>- creativity</div> Create a new presentation and edit it with others at the same time — from your computer, phone or tablet. Free with a Google account.
<div>Google Sites can create custom websites easily and integrate Google Apps work seamlessly. Make portfolios, team/group sites, tell stories, and share information with simple building tools. </div><div>- communication</div><div>- collaboration</div><div>- creativity</div> Sign in - Google Accounts
<div>Google Forms can help teachers and students create surveys, assessments, with auto-grading options and data visualizations. </div><div>- critical thinking</div><div>- communication</div><div>- collaboration</div> Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.
<div>Google Docs is a writing application designed for improved research, ease of citation, real-time collaboration, with built-in feedback tools. </div><div>- critical thinking</div><div>- communication</div><div>- collaboration</div><div>- creativity</div> Redirecting...
<div>MyMaps in Google Drive uses maps as a storytelling device to tie in location with content. Students can create virtual tours, develop map layers, and bring in video, images, and hypertext to enahnce their stories. </div><div>- critical thinking</div><div>- communication</div><div>- collaboration</div><div>- creativity</div><div><br></div> Sign in - Google Accounts
<div>Ways to use Classroom: </div><div>- managing/organizing work</div><div>- live feedback </div><div>- grading options</div><div>- posting announcements</div><div>- delivering autograded assessments</div><div>- group assignments</div><div>- and more!</div>
<div>Ways to use MyMaps:</div><div>- Virtual world tours</div><div>- Storytelling</div><div>- Multimedia presentations</div><div>- Mathematical applications</div><div>- Gamified travel activities</div><div>- and more...!</div>
<div>Ways to use Sheets:</div><div>- data collection</div><div>- mathematical calculations</div><div>- data visualization</div><div>- incorporate data with MyMaps</div><div>- coding</div><div>- organizing data sets</div><div>- reading/feedback logs</div><div>- and more!...</div>
<div>Ways to use Slides:</div><div>- multimedia portfolios</div><div>- digital storytelling</div><div>- student produced review sheets</div><div>- frayer model activities</div><div>- stop animation project</div><div>- and more!...</div>
<div>Ways to use Sites:</div><div>- Student produced portfolios</div><div>- Blogging</div><div>- Web design challenges</div><div>- Group Project Landing Pages</div><div>- Digital Resumé</div><div>- Storytelling</div><div>- Embedding student work for GSuite</div><div>- and more!...</div>
<div>Ways to use Forms:</div><div>- autograded assessments</div><div>- surveys for feedback</div><div>- flipping instruction and activities</div><div>- grading student work</div><div>- collecting data for visualizations in sheets</div><div>- sign ups</div><div>- and more!...</div>
<div>Ways to use Docs:</div><div>- learning journals</div><div>- collaborative reports</div><div>- MLA/APA formatted essays</div><div>- digital storytelling</div><div>- rubric grading</div><div>- notetaking</div><div>- feedback on student writing</div><div>- and more!...</div>
<div>Ways to use Drawings:</div><div>- digital storytelling</div><div>- interactive timelines</div><div>- infographics</div><div>- images for the web</div><div>- geometric diagrams</div><div>- workflow diagrams</div><div>- data visualizations</div><div>- and more!...</div>

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