Tourist Guide İstanbul
<div>Fatih Mosque It was made by Fatih made by Fatih Sultan Mehmet between 1462-1470. İn 1700's because of the earthquake, it got hurt.</div>
<div>The Grand Bazaar : It is the first shopping place of Ottomon. They have used this place as a market. Still today, we are using as a market too. It is a very old place. İn here there are usually jewelers. </div>
<div>Maden's Tower: They used it as a castoms. Now, they used as a restaurant and muse. It has an interesting legand.</div>
<div>Galata Tower: Ottomans made it for control the city and the fire. Hazarfen Çelebi jumped down here and fly with hande-made wings. There are many legands about this place.</div>
<div>Taksim Square : This is the heart of the country. Like a metting point. In the centre there is s statue of Atatürk.</div>
<div>The Church of St. Anthony : It is a catholic church .The church was burned by fire for 3 times. Each time, they made again.</div>
<div>Modern Art Musieum : This is the İstanbul's biggest musieum. There are many modern paitings and statues here. The concept changes every two months.</div>
<div>Dolmobahçe Palace : It was made by Sultan Abdülmacit. He and other kings (sultans) used here as a summer hause. Atatürk who is our first presidant stayed here to. Sultan Abdülmacit spend a lot of money for making this palace. He even borrow money from other countries and he could not pay it.</div>
<div>Hagia Sophia : It used the be a church but when Fatih Sultan Mehmet conqued İstanbul, they changed as a mosque. It is the İstanbul's oldest mosque. Under the mosque, there are many voluable things.</div>
<div>Topkapı Palace : This is where the Ottoman king and his family lived in old days. Also, in here they keep one of the bigest dimond called Kaşıkçı Elması. It has an interesting story.</div>
<div>Basilica Cistern : It is a cistern was made by Bzyanium. Today, we are not using it, Just showing as a historical artifacts. There is a legand about this place. It is about Medusa.</div>
<div>The Green Park Hotel : You can stay here. It is reallly closeto the metro.</div>
<div>Vodofon Stadium : It has just opend. This is the Beşiktaş's stadium. İf you like to see a football match, you can come here.</div>
<div>The Bosphorus Bridge: The first bridge that connect two continents. It has an interesting legand.</div>

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