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<div>This collection of articles pulls together some of the best pieces on formative assessment and feedback that will help educators understand how to best use the data they have at their fingertips.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book introduces the powerful FIT Teaching Tool, which harnesses the FIT Teaching approach and presents a detailed continuum of growth and leadership.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book presents a lesson planning approach for the secondary classroom that generates test success as a byproduct of comprehensive literacy learning.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book looks at the power and promise of the teenage brain from an empathetic, strength-based perspective, and describes what middle and high school educators can do to make the most of their students' potential.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>In this book, the authors explain metacognition and how it equips students to meet today's rigorous educational standards. They present a unique blend of useful metaphors, learning strategies, and instructional tips you can use to teach your students to be the boss of their brains.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book describes how teachers can create a structured, student-centered environment that allows for openness and surprise, and where inquiry guides authentic learning. Strategies for fostering student curiosity through exploration, novelty, and play; questioning and critical thinking; and experimenting and problem solving are also provided.</div><div><br></div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book presents a thoughtful and practical approach to achieving breakthrough success with linguistically and culturally diverse students who struggle in school. Strategies for setting high expectations, providing access to the core curriculum, using assessment to inform instruction, attending to language development--both English and academic, and creating a supportive classroom climate are also discussed.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book explores an urgent and growing issue--childhood trauma--and its profound effect on learning and teaching. It can help educators cultivate a trauma-sensitive learning environment for students across all content areas, grade levels, and educational settings.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book provides time-saving routines for general and special education teachers that will increase the active roles of co-teacher partners and intensify instruction for students. Co-planning strategies for meeting IEP goals, and tips for eliminating the frustrations and barriers often associated with co-planning, are also presented.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book explores how to turn students into flexible mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. It focuses on the following areas: making sense of math by fostering habits of mind that help students analyze, understand, and adapt to problems; addressing the mathematical building blocks necessary to include in effective math instruction; and turning teaching "upside down" by shifting how we teach, focusing on discussion and analysis as much as we focus on correct answers.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book provides a compelling vision for teacher growth that encourages and supports instructional expertise, along with nearly three dozen step-by-step protocols for working with teachers. These protocols present a powerful rationale for re-conceptualizing teacher evaluation by creating a balanced system of three equally important components: Reliable and valid evaluation, empowering and focused supervision, and meaningful and purposeful reflection.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>The book explores the three interrelated sequences of the field-tested Discourse and Writing Cycle--the Discourse Sequence, the Transition to Writing Sequence, and the Writing Sequence--and includes classroom examples and sample lesson plans from across the content areas of English, social studies, math, and science as a means to focus student thinking, fuel deeper learning, and build complex understanding.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>In this book, the author introduces the Teacher Intentionality Practice Scale (TIPS), a framework for both supporting and measuring effective teaching. Taken together, the framework's seven TIPs provide a research-based, classroom-tested guide to help teachers create coherent, connected lessons.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This teacher-friendly guide offers everything needed to help students who are bored, frustrated, or under performing come alive to learning through the fundamental power of choice. It provides examples of choice in action, ideas to try with different students, and a step-by-step process to help plan and incorporate choice into your classroom.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book provides a framework for developing professional learning experiences that spark and maintain teacher motivation and lead to real changes in practice. It makes the case for a better approach--one that melds traditional PD structures with personalized learning. The author's three-stage professional development for learning (PDL) process covers critical aspects of planning, providing, and following up.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book shows school administrators, principals, and other education leaders how to apply the author's model to the work of running schools and districts. It offers an overview of the case for simple, focused school and district leadership; examples of real schools and districts that have embraced focused leadership; and a practical implementation guide for ensuring focused leadership in schools and districts.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login
<div>This book presents a strategy for how educators can build effective partnerships with parents--especially those who typically have not been actively involved in their children's schooling. It includes case studies spanning the K-12 spectrum, and it explores ways to assist struggling students, collaborate on IEPs, use school-based events to engage parents in problem solving, and tap into community resources to work effectively with families of English language learners.</div> Gale - Enter Product Login

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