<div><b>Hydraulic Inlet Valve</b></div><div>The hydraulically operated inlet valve is unaffected by contamination and condensate. This makes it more reliable and easier to maintain than pneumatic valves.</div>
<div><b>Fiber-free Pulsation Dampeners</b></div><div>These keep pressure losses to an absolute minimum, help maintain consistent air quality, and minimize unwanted vibration. In addition, their fiber-free design reliably eliminates the possibly of compressed air contamination.</div>
<div><b>Easy Access Coupling</b></div><div>The electric motor directly drives the airend with zero transmission losses via a maintenance-free coupling. As there is no need for complicated disassembly work, the easy-access coupling can be exchanged quickly and easily.</div>
<div><b>High efficiency condensate separator</b></div><div>Thanks to its flow-optimized design, the newly developed condensate separator reliably separates the condensate downstream of the aircoolers—with minimal pressure loss.</div>
<div><b>Radial Fan</b></div><div>This pulls air through the coolers and creates a vacuum within the cabinet that effectively cools the motor, even under severe operating conditions.</div>
<div><b>Integrated Controller</b></div><div><a href="http://us.kaeser.com/Products_and_Solutions/Controllers/SIGMA_CONTROL/sc2.asp#0?ThingLink">Sigma Control 2™</a> ensures efficient control and compressor operation monitoring. The large display and RFID reader provide easy communication and maximum security. Multiple selectable interfaces enable seamless networking capability, while the SD card slot makes updates quick and easy and provides long term data recording.</div>
<div>At the heart of every Kaeser dry-running screw compressor lies a rugged, two-stage rotary screw airend proven to withstand even the toughest operation. Providing optimum performance and dependability, every airend ensures maximum efficiency throughout its entire service life.</div>
<div>The i.HOC (integrated heat of compression dryer) delivers consistent pressure dew points without electrical heating for regeneration. It's unique design saves energy without compromising on air quality in ambient temperatures up to 115°F.</div>
<div>Water-cooled versions come with highly efficient parallel heat exchangers for enhanced heat transfer and optimized cooling for improved specific power performance.</div>
<div>Want more information? <a href="http://us.kaeser.com/extras/social/literature.asp?_USOIL-FREE=1?ThingLink">Click here</a> to download product literature.</div><div><br></div>

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