<div>Europe was expanding its economic to reach East Asia, that have Ahina</div>
<div>The conflict of Great Britain and China was to ignited over the trade of opium</div>
<div>France, Germany, Japan, and Russia forced China sign similar treaties granting exclusive trading rights for each nation</div>
<div>Within treaty Great Britain gained control of rich, Chinese trading port of Hong Kong and the rights have exclusive trading rights.</div>
<div>other country started to join with Britain in the spheres of Influence.</div>
<div>in 1800 the U.S. beginning to demand part of Chinese trade</div>
<div>U.S. quite simply stated that all nation should have equal rights to conduct China.</div>
<div>Spheres of Influence is become Open Door Policy</div>
<div>the Open Door Policy did not take Chinese autonomy into consideration.</div>
<div>In 1900 Chinese nationalism started the Boxer Rebellion to the current regime inability to end foreign domination in China. </div>
<div>1. it tell you the other country trying to split China apart and the China and trying to stop them.</div>
<div>Maybe the Germany shared the land not equal and give them more land that Britain have little and they dont like each other </div>
<div>That other country trying to split china up </div>
<div>Map: French, British, German, Japanese, and Russian </div>
<div>Map: </div>

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