visual elements in art
<div>Line</div><div>Lines can be a short as dots or dashes or long as a continuous line. Lines and marks can be grouped together, overlapped or used to create outlines.They can be of different qualities - thin or thick. They can be created with pens, pencils, sticks, wire, thread or string.</div>
<div>Colour</div><div>When we explore colour in art we're thinking about our perception of it and what effects we can create with it. We can make colours by mixing and overlapping. We can make colours darker and lighter, duller or brighter and thinner or thicker. </div>
<div>Form</div><div>Form is three dimensional. It might be small enough to pick up and hold or so large that we have walk around and look up at it. We can see it from many different view points.</div>
<div>Pattern</div><div>Pattern can be linear, made around a point or designed across a surface. It might repeat, be symmetrical, tessellated or random. </div>
<div>Shape</div><div>Shape defines space on flat surface. it might be geometric or more irregular. A shape is made when a line defines it on a piece of paper. </div>
<div>Tone</div><div>Tone can explained as light affects a surface and how we represent this. We can make lighter and darker marks, we can contrast light and dark for effect and we can apply tone to colours</div>
<div>Texture</div><div>We can use the tactile quality of materials in making art and we can learn how to represent the 'look' of texture on a flat piece of paper</div>
<div>Space</div><div>Space in three dimensions allows us to explore an environment and the forms within it. Space in two dimensions is where we seek to depict an illusion of space on a flat surface.</div>
<div>Taken from Chapter 2 of:</div><div>Edwards, J. (2013) Teaching Priamry Art. Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd.</div>
<div>FDLT Y1 students were given a part of a visual element to search for and define visually through photos taken outside in Leicester and on Park Campus. Attached are their PicCollages.</div>

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