World War Cartoon Trench By Alfie
<div>Dead and destroyed tree</div><div>The trees was mostly destroyed by fire from flametroopers and artillery</div>
<div>Dead and destroyed tree</div>
<div>Stack of cards</div>
<div>British Brodie Helmet</div>
<div>British Lee-Enfield rifle</div><div>This was the standarnd-i-ssue rifle for the british army.</div>
<div>Black rat</div>
<div>Grayish black rat</div><div>Rats where a commen sight in the trenches of WW1</div>
<div>Grayish black dog</div><div>Dogs was mostly used too find allied soldiers</div><div>But they often ran of because of the constant sheeling from enemy artillery</div>
<div>British male soldier (trying too) sleeping.</div><div>It was hard for the men on the frontline too get some sleep because of the artillery and the consatnt fear of the enemy.</div>
<div>British soldier writeing a messege to his family or to another soldier</div><div>This soldier is properly a bookworm</div><div>since there is a book to the right of him</div>
<div>Sandbags</div><div>Sandbags was used as a easy and transportable wall</div>
<div>More sandbags</div>
<div>Trenchperriscope</div><div>These was used too look over the trench without exsposeing yourself</div>
<div>Black Shoes / boots</div><div>Footwear got wet and heavy fast in the muddy trenches</div><div><br></div>
<div>Gray-ish silver / metal luch box</div><div>It was good too have a box to store your food, so that it didnt get muddy in the bluddy trench</div>
<div>Trench system</div><div>It was samll and muddy in the cramped trenches, with walls made of mud, dirt and some planks off wood</div>
<div>Barbedwire</div><div>These were hard to cross by soldiers as they would get stuck nad then get mooded down by the enemy</div>
<div>Sleeping shelter</div><div>These were a simpel dugout to save the soilder from artillery</div>
<div>Shovel</div><div>Mostly used to dig out trenches</div>
<div>Small bag</div><div>Mostly used as a backback</div><div>In the bag there was mostly used to store personal stuff, but alos holded some of the soilders ammunition.</div>
<div>Small blanket</div>
<div>No mans land</div><div>The space between the freindlys trench and the enemys trench</div><div><br></div>
<div>Small peekhole</div>
<div>British soldier</div>

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