<div>The Series of Nerf Guns:</div><div>the first series of guns is the elite series, the guns are blue and the one you are seeing right now is a elite gun, the other series of guns is </div><div>the modulus series, the modulus gun are usually white and orange and are very customisable, the other series is the rival series, the rival series shoot balls and are the most powerfulest , the other series is doomlands, the guns are usually orange but sometimes black and white , the final series is the rebelle series, the rebelle series has darts of pink,purple,and red, the guns are pink and are usually for girls.</div><div><br></div> images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com
<div>The Atachments on The guns:</div><div>The atachments of the guns are usually the following:stocks,barrel extenders,scopes and grips.</div><div>The stocks go on the back of the gun and are used for levetation and accuracy, the scopes are used for foccusing on the target and upgrading your chance of hitting your target, the grips are usually used on heavy guns so you can steady the gun, finally, the barrel extentions higher your accuracy because the bigger the barrel the better the accuracy.</div> images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com
<div>The darts the guns shoot.</div><div>the darts the guns shoot are foam with a little plastick up front, the color the mudulus darts are are white, the dart darts the rival series shoot are yellow balls,the color the elite series shoot are blue, the color N-Strike elite series shoot white darts to, the darts mega guns shoot </div><div>giant red darts and the rebbele guns shoot blue,purple and pink darts.</div> dreamhomeresource.com
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">The Newest nerf guns</span></div><div>The Newest are: The Rival Nemisis, </div><div>the Accustrike Raptorstrike, the Doomlands Judge, the Modulas Regulater, and the Mega Twinshock</div><div>And the new Nerf Nitro Series.</div><div>The Nemisis is unique because it has the highest ammo compasity of 100 rounds. The Raptor strike is cool because it is very accurate.</div><div>And the Nitro series is cool because it shoots little foam cars that do awesome tricks. Finally, the Regulater is cool because it has a ton of attachments, a bullet counter, and the only gun with a three round burst fire.</div><div><br></div> ae01.alicdn.com