This is Roman Roads
This the first layer in the roman roads it is made up of iron or polished lava
This is the second level of the road this contains crushed rock or gravel cemented with lime mortal
This s a milestone marker it marks how far away you are from Rome.
This is the lowest layer it contains leveled earth mortar or sand toped with stone
these are the walls that are on the roman road so that the carriages dont drift off
This is the three footed trenches that these were made after they measured the roads
These roman roads were built in 300 BC
There was over 80,500 kilometers stone-paved.
Most of these roads were cut through hills.
A lot were overlaid by modern day roads
The roman roads were a vital part of the the development of the roman states.
No fewer than 29 great military high ways radiated from the city.
In Gaul alone, no less than 21,000 kilometers a road.
Both types of roads were made of complete stone not all though.
The primary reason for such military effectiveness was the metalled roads the soldier constructed and upon marched on.

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