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<div>What kind of penguin did you research and what are its characteristics?</div>
<div>What are some adaptations that penguins have to help them survive?</div>
<div>What does your penguin eat?</div>
<div>These are the resources I used to find my information.</div>
<div>What are your penguin's predators?</div>
<div>What are some other cool facts you learned from your research?</div>
<div>Use this Google Presentation to guide you in your research. Click on File&gt;Make a Copy. Make sure you are logged into your Thinglink account so you can remix this image.</div><div><br></div> docs.google.com Penguin Research Project 2.25A Gather evidence from available sources (natural and personal) as well as from interviews with local experts. 2.25B Use text features (e.g., table of contents, alphabetized index, headings) in age- appropriate reference works (e.g., picture dictionaries) to locate in...