Mission Basilica San Diego De Alcala
<div> This is a campanario. This was used to tell the neophytes their schedule. There are 5 bells on this bell wall.</div>
<div>Most of the mission is made out of adobe bricks. There is a bell wall and a church.</div><div><br></div><div>The mission was first established on a hill five miles from the San Diego Bay, but it was too close to a persidio. It was moved a mile away close to a pond where they could get fresh water.</div> www.nps.gov
<div>This is the cross. The cross is a symbol for the Catholic religion. </div>
<div>Father Serra was the founder of the San Diego mission.The founding of the San Diego mission was in 1769. The San Diego mission was the 1st mission to be found. The Mission's nick name is the mother of the missions.</div> www.discover-central-california.com
<div>LIfe was different for the Kumeyaay Indians when they came to live at the mission. Before the mission they hunted, fished, and gathered their food. At the mission they learned how to farm. Before the mission they made their clothes out of natural materials and they didn't wear many clothes. At the mission, they wore woven clothes that covered their bodies. Neophytes were forced to work and could not leave the mission.</div> www.kumeyaay.info
<div>This is a tannery.The tannery is a workshop where they handled the hide from animals. The hide made clothes,blankets,and more.</div> www.travelblat.com
<div>This is a blacksmith. The made tools in the blacksmith like forks,knifes,horse shoes, and hatchets,and more.</div> l7.alamy.com
<div>This is a winery.They used the winery to make wine, To make wine, they harvested the grapes and smashed them.</div> www.vogliovino.com
<div> In the 1830s, Mexico secularized the missions by giving them to the native people. In August 1834 secularization laws in California meant that neophytes were considered free citizen. The Mexican government took over most of the mission, but not the church. In 1846 the mission was sold to Mexican citizen, Santiago Arguella.</div> stockfresh.com

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