The Limits of Primary Writing Journals
<div>No opportunity to create a cover, which is a reader's first chance to envision what the story/book is about and to make a decision about whether to read it</div>
<div>Limited opportunity to compose an appropriately engaging title that communicates what the piece/story/book might be about</div>
<div>Little to no opportunity to make decisions about text/illustration/page layout</div>
<div>Limited opportunity to make decisions about length or ponder what makes a piece "finished"</div>
<div>No space/opportunity for an author's note, about the author blurb, or dedication</div>
<div>No opportunity to design end pages</div>
<div>No (or limited) opportunity to make decisions regarding amount of text/placement of text on a page</div>
<div>Limited opportunity to revise in any meaningful way (e.g., no opportunity to add or rearrange pages)</div>
<div>Limited opportunity to consider such illustration or layout craft decisions as using borders, vignettes, etc.</div>

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