You Tube Background Information for Of Mice and Men Before reading Of Mice and Men, watch this video to gain some background information!
Of Mice and Men Movie Trailer Of Mice and Men is a 1992 American film starring John Malkovich and Gary Sinise, directed and produced by Gary Sinise. It is the third movie adaptation of Jo...
Of Mice and Men Fact Sheet
Audio Recording #1 "Sunny Cal", click Listen to this recording Sunny Cal
Audio Clip #2 "A Travlers Line", Click Listen to this recording Traveler's Line, A
The Migrant Experience Webpage Voices from the Dust Bowl: The Charles L. Todd and Robert Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection is an online presentation of selections from a multi-format ethnographic field collection documenting the everyday life of residents of Farm Security Administration (FSA) migrant work camps in central California in 1940 and 1941.
Image #1 Dust Bowl And what it teaches us about future climate catastrophes.
Image #2 Dust Bowl House The conservation measures and practices put in place as a result of the Dust Bowl have helped prevent similar catastrophic events. Many of these initiatives continue today as part of the U.S. Farm Bill, which provides the single largest source of federal funding for conservation.
Image #3 Migrant workers living conditions Farm Labor Organizing in Washington State
Image #4 Citrus Farm Workers
Image #5 Migrant Workers Life This photograph shows a family working in the fields of the Imperial Valley in southern California in 1935. Children often accompanied their family members into the fields, and worked along side the adults. Most often they were pushed aside and ignored by local schools. It was not until 1938 when the Kern County Superintendent of Education set up an experimental special education program in one of the county’s migrant camps that migrant children began receiving a public education.
All about the camp audio

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