<div>Museu del Prado</div><div>The Prado Museum is in Madrid, Spain. It Is one of the most important museums in the world and one of the most visited too. It was inagurated in 1819. It is the main Spanish National Art Museum.It features 12th century to the early 20th century.</div> 1.bp.blogspot.com
<div>The retiro park</div><div>Retiro Park or parque del buen retiro, popularly known as El Retiro is a historic garden and public park located in Madrid (Spain). Most locals go there to enjoy nice weather with family and friends. It has a beautiful lake. </div> espaciomundo.com
<div>Cibeles fountain</div><div>The cibeles fountain is a monument of Madrid. One of the recent traditions is to celebrate the victory of Real Madrid’s football team. It was created by Roberto Michel, Miguel Ximenez and Francisca. </div> antonioluis.pozuelo.org
<div>Kio towers</div><div>The kio towers of Madrid, actually called Geteway to Europe, received that name because they were promoted by the company Kawatti. They are also very famous as part of the skyline of the city. </div> www.arkigrafico.com
<div>El oso y el Madroño</div><div>El oso y el Madroño is a sculpture located in the city of Madrid. It is installed on the East side of “La Puerta del Sol”, square. It is very famous because it is the emblem of Madrid. It was created between 1906-1983, by antonio Navarro Santafé.</div> www.hotelnuevoboston-blog.com
<div>Debot</div><div>It is 2.200 years old. It was rescued under the Nile river. Debot temple was a gift from Egypt to Spain in 1968. </div> cdn.civitatis.com
<div>Restaurant Sobrino de Botin</div><div>The restaurant was founded in 1725 by a French man Jean Botin and his wife.IIt was originally called Casa Botin restaurant. The artist Francisco de Goya worked there as a waiter while he was waiting to get accepted into the royal academy of Arts.</div> static.guiaocio.com
<div>The underground</div><div>The underground train of Madrid, has got around 324 kilometers lenght and 326 different stations.It is driven on the left side, because in 1919 vehicles were driven on the left. The two most popular stations are Chamartín and Atocha.</div> ecomovilidad.net
<div>Moncloa</div><div>Moncloa was built in 1600 and completed in 1955. It Is where the president of Spain lives.</div> images.ara.cat
<div>The Reina Sofia National Museum</div><div>The Reina Sofia National Museum was built in 1992. It is one of the most important museum of Spain with one of the biggest collections of contemporary art of Europe. </div> www.constructalia.com
<div>Guernica</div><div>Guernica is a Famous painting by Pablo Picasso.During the months of May and July of 1937, There was a bomb in the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.The painting is cubist and uses a palete of grey, black and white. It’s a mural oil painting measures 3,49 meters of high and 7,77 meters of width and it is exposed in the National Reina Sofia Museum.</div> static.guiaocio.com
<div>The Congress of Diputies of Madrid</div><div>The congress of deputies is formed by a complex of five buildings. It was designed by Narciso Pascual Colomer, and it was built between 1843 and 1850. It has 350 members elected. </div> alvillamo.files.wordpress.com
<div>Puerta del Sol</div><div>It is a very famous square in Madrid. It is located in the very heart of Madrid. It was built in the 16th Century.Since 1962, new year’s eve is celebrated here, and all Spanish people watch it on TV or go directly there to eat the 12 grapes during the last seconds of the year, thinking that this tradition will give them luck and health. The oldest building in the square is casa de Correos.</div> www.callejeandomadrid.com
<div>Warner Bros</div><div>The warner Bros Park was made in honor of cartoons like Scooby Doo, Yogui Bear, Superman.It is a very famouse amusement park very near Madrid. </div> i.ytimg.com
<div>Inhabitants Madrid</div><div>In Madrid there are 6.464.078 people. In Madrid There are 27.082 more people than in 2014. In general, in Madrid there are more women than men.</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>Atocha Train Station</div><div>Is the largest railway station in Madrid and Spain.Madrid Atocha Station was built in the XIX Century and Inaugurated on February 9, 1851.In 1864 a fire destroyed it. In 1888 and began the construction of a new Terminal.</div> travel.trainline.eu
<div>Santiago Bernabeu</div><div>The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is a football Stadium from Real Madrid football team. It was inaugurated on December 14th 1947 and its capacity is currently 81.044 spectators.</div> www.entradasdisponibles.com
<div>The flag of the comunity of Madrid</div><div>The flag of the comunity of Madrid was designed in 1983. Before adopting the red background, the color was green and the shield of the most important localities of the province where under the royal crown.It has got seven stars because of the osa mayor constalation, that has got seven stars. The stars have got five points because the comunity of Madrid has got five provinces surrounding it.</div> www.vectorportal.com

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