Nasal Cavity: After that the air enters from the respirat...
<div>Nasal Cavity: </div><div>After that the air enters from the respiratory holes, the red pituitary warms the air and the yellow ptuitary captures the chemical substances from the air, smell.</div>
<div>Trachea: </div><div>Tubule strong in the front but at the back there is a membrane that led the food pass. </div><div>It is a conduct that link the lungs with the nasal cavity and it divides in two parts one for each lung.</div>
<div>Lungs: </div><div>There are muscles that contains alveoli that make the interchange of gasses, this interchange occurs by the diference of pressure. </div><div>Alveoli: </div><div>there are small sacules that make the interchange of gasses, there are recovered of capilaries that leave the carbon dioxide and take osigen to put them on the blood stream and then it goes to all cells in our body. </div><div>Cells need osigen to oxidate the nutrients and it produces energy.</div>

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