<div>The tail feathers of a peacock are used for defence purposes</div>
<div>Its uses its "train" to intimidate other animals </div>
<div>Uses colors on its feathers to attract mates</div>
<div>In the breeding season, peacocks congregate in territories known as leks, which being in groups can keep them all safe and bigger looking when predators come</div>
<div>The attractive feathers contain the colors blue, red, gold and other hues</div>
<div>Suitable males may gather big groups of females, each of which will lay three to five eggs</div>
<div>The feathers can look like millions of eyes to other animals. This will let other animals know not to mess with it</div>
<div> both male and female Peacocks have sharp, powerful heel spurs also known as ‘kicking thorns’ which they use to defend themselves against predators</div>

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