Kydney: It is form by nephrons wich are small conducts th...
<div>Kydney: </div><div>It is form by nephrons wich are small conducts that separate the waste substances and the particles that can be reutilized, the waste substances go to the bladder by the urethers.</div>
<div>Urethers: </div><div>They conect the bladder with the kidneys; the substance that pass trow them is urine.</div>
<div>Inferior Vena Cava: </div><div>Takes the blood with waste substances to the kidneys to clean it and reabsorp the substances that can be re-used.</div>
<div>Aorta artery: </div><div>Makes that the blood go to all the parts of the body, its the biggest artery in the human body.</div>
<div>Bladder: </div><div>His function is contain the urine before it goes out by the urethra.</div>

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