<div>Mouth: </div><div>there the mechanical digestion occurs, cutting crushing, removing and make physical changes to the food. </div><div>When it enter in contact with the substances that produce the salivary glands, amilasa, it is called chemical digestion.</div>
<div>Oesophagus: </div><div>Its a tubule that conect the mouth with the stomach and it pushes the food.</div>
<div>Galbladder: </div><div>Make substances that broke up the food, it´s in the liver.</div>
<div>Stomach: </div><div>It contains hydrochloric acid and the bilis which help to broke up food and separate the nutrients.</div>
<div>Small intestine: </div><div>His function it is take the nutrients to make them go to the blood and go to all the cells in our body.</div>
<div>Large intestine: </div><div>His own function is reabsorpt the wather of the faeces and make them go aout by the anus.</div>