<div><b>Sale Days</b></div><div><br></div><ul><li><b>Weekly Consignment Sale</b> - every Thursday, 1500+ units beginning at 9am</li><li><b>Exotic Highline Sale</b> - every four weeks on Wednesday beginning at 9am</li><li><b>Manheim OVE Mondays</b> Weekly sale on OVE.com. Absolute Auction. Pre-sales are listed starting at 8pm every Friday, bidding ends at 2pm ET on Monday. Visit OVE.com for vehicle listings.</li><li><b>South Florida Tuesdays - Under $12k Sale </b> Every Tuesday at 2pm, running 200+ units </li><li><b>Tuesday Online Event Sale </b>Every Tuesday from 2-4pm ET. Featuring Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on OVE.com. Pre-sales listed every weekend. Absolute Auction.</li></ul><div><br></div><div><a href="https://publish.manheim.com/content/dam/location/palm-beach/Manheim-PalmBeach.png">Lot Map PDF</a></div><div><br></div><div><a href="http://publish.manheim.com/en/locations/us-locations/manheim-palm-beach/lanes.html">Lanes</a></div><div><br></div><div><a href="https://www.manheim.com/sales_schedule?location=WPBA">Sale Schedule</a></div>

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