<div>Prophase: In this phase chromosomes are form, the nucleolus dissapears ,the mitotic spindle appears and the nuclear membrane dissapears. The cell is being prepared to divide.</div>
<div>Metaphase: </div><div>The chromosomes move within the mitoic spindle and connects their centromere with the spindle fibres.Then, the chromosomes line up along the middle of the cell.</div><div><br> </div>
<div>Anaphase:</div><div> The spindle fibres separate into two equal parts, as a result the two chromatids separate into two unconnected strands.</div><div>The spindle fibres contract and pull the chromatids to the opposite poles of the cell, so the chromatids considered to be independent chromosomes.</div>
<div>Telophase:</div><div>-The mitotic spindle dissapears</div><div>-A nuclear membrane surrounds each chromosome.</div><div>-Chromatids change to chromatin</div><div>-The nucleolus reappears</div><div>The mitosis is asociated by cytokinesis, the process in which cytoplasm is dividing into two parts.</div>

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