<div>People who have got 3 number 21 chromosomes suffer down syndrome. This syndrome has got many symptoms :</div><div>-Problems with eyesight and heart.</div><div>- Small chin and round face.</div><div>- Intellectual disability.</div><div><br></div>
<div>The people who have got a trysomy in 18 chromosome ( three number 18 chromosomes).This change in chromosomes manifests itself in several symptoms:</div><div>-Low birth weight</div><div>-Intellectual disability</div><div>-Kidney and heart malformations.</div><div>-Short neck and sternum.</div>
<div>Patau Syndrome: affects an individual who have three number 13 chromosomes.</div><div>This trysomy manifests in those symptoms:</div><div>-Heart, genital, brain and finger malformations.</div><div>-Prominent heel</div><div>-Cleft palate</div>
<div>This karyogram is of a male because we can see the X and Y chromosomes.There are two disorders that can affect this pair of chromosomes:</div><div>XXY syndrome:</div><div>-Produce malformations in the skeleton and the individual is tall.</div><div>-Intellectual disabilities.</div><div>Klinefelter syndrome:Individuals who have got two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome:</div><div>-Small genitals</div><div>-In some cases sterility</div><div>-Intellectual disabilities</div><div>-Developing breast</div><div>-Problems with the language</div>

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