eucaryotic cell
<div>MITOCHONDRIA: are found in all eucaryotic cells.The most important function of the mitochondria is to produce energy. The simpler molecules of nutrition are sent to the mitochondria to be processed and to produce charged molecules.Those large molecules + oxygen -&gt; ATP</div>
<div>GOLGI APPARATUS:The Golgi apparatus is responsible for transporting proteins and lipids from the endoplasmatic reticulum to the vesicles. </div>
<div>ENDOPLASMATIC RETICULUM:makes substances such as lipids and proteins.There are two types of endoplasmatic reticulum</div><div>-Rough endoplasmatic reiculum: with ribosomes.</div><div>-Smooth endoplasmatic reticulum: without ribosomes.</div>
<div>Nucleus: Contains the genetic material.</div>
<div>Centrioles: are tubules made up of proteins that cordinate the movement of the cell and helps in in the repart of chromosomes in cell división.</div>
<div>Lysosomes:contain a set of substances(enzymes) that can digest large molecules .</div>
<div>Ribosomes:these organelles we can find then in the cytoplasm or attached to the rough endoplasmatisc reticulum. They haven´t got membrane. Their function is the synthesising of proteis.</div>
<div>Vacuole:her function is store substances that the cell needs to survive.</div>

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