<div>NUCLEOUS</div><div>is the most important part of the cell, contains DNA</div><div><br></div>
<div>MITOCHONDRION</div><div>These are responsible for the respiration on the cell</div>
<div>GOLGI COMPLEX</div><div>Produce glucose and store bio-molecules</div>
<div>ENDOPLASMATIC RETICULUM</div><div>There are two the rough ER covered by ribosomes and the smooth ER it hasn´t ribosomes</div>
<div>CELL MEMBRANE</div><div>Surround the celland in certains areas it goes into the interior of the cell</div>
<div>CENTRIOLE</div><div>Is related to the movements of the cell and its organelles</div>
<div>VACUOLE</div><div>Saccules which store substances</div>
<div>LYSOSOME </div><div>These store digestive substances which are transported</div>
<div>RIBOSOME</div><div>They make proteins</div>

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