Cotards Sydrome
<div>Cotard's syndrome is a relatively rare condition that was first described by Dr. Jules Cotard in 1882. Cotard's syndrome comprises any one of a series of delusions that range from a belief that one has lost organs, blood, or body parts to insisting that one has lost one's soul or is dead.</div>
<div>Cotard delusion is a rare mental illness</div>
<div>Affects the person's brain and makes them think that they are dead/dying</div>
<div>They sometimes think they do not exist and</div>
<div>Occurs most in panits with schizophre, bipolar disorders, brain injury, and depression</div>
<div>Most people die </div>
<div>There is no way to prevent this but since connections to bipolar ect. Doctors put them on medicine and put them in therapy.</div>
<div>This usually starts off by the person being depressed or mental ill. Then they think they don't need to be here and start hurting themselves. Once they get there they start to starve themself because they think they are dead so they think that they don't need food. </div>
<div>There is really not an age on this syndrome it's mainly people who are depressed and mentally sick. Same thing goes for if you're a boy/girl.</div>
<div>Most people who have this don't live to have kids but if they do this it can be genetic but it is a very slim chance because it is your thoughts but your kids can have it you could help with it by giving them a good life and show them love if they go through this.</div>
<div>Mainly occurs due to lesions in frontal and temporal regions of the right hemisphere of the brain. The exact cause for cotard's syndrome is not known. However, studies suggest that the cause is localized in the frontal and temporal regions of the right hemisphere of the brain. The condition is more common in older individuals with depressive disorders. It is associated with other mental disorders.</div>
<div>This can happen anywhere and to anyone. </div>
<div>Yes it does change there lifestyle. The way they live is completely different because they normally don't eat and they have suicidal thoughts. They think they should be dead so they lay down on the floor all day. </div>
<div>There really isn't a cure. Doctors put them on medicine and put them in therapy. </div>
<div>Yes there are a lot of researches going on about this. They are trying to find a true cure and where is happens. This is a rare condition so there hasn't been many records about this. Researchers are trying to figure out what triggers and why they think these things.</div>
<div>I chose this because I wanted to learn about this and I feel like if I know more about this stuff i could help people. I learned so much by doing this research and it was very interesting.</div>

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