Mise En Scene; Mariam
<div>Mise En Scene</div><div>A French term, which literally means 'put into the frame'. When analysing a sequence the term refers to everything you see in the frame.</div> s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
<div>Costume</div><div>A costume drama or period dramais a period piece in which elaboratecostumes, sets and properties arefeatured in order to capture theambience of a particular era.</div> cdn3-www.comingsoon.net
<div>Props</div><div>A prop, formally known as (theatrical) property, is an object used on stage or on screen by actors during a performance or screen production. In practical terms, a propis considered to be anything movable or portable on a stage or a set, distinct from the actors, scenery, costumes, and electrical equipment. One example of a major prop would be the shark in Jaws.</div> i.imgur.com
<div>Lighting</div><div>The use of various light sources, both artificial and natural, to achieve some aesthetic or practical effect while illuminating a scene.</div><div><br></div> userscontent2.emaze.com
<div>Colour</div><div>The characteristics of different illuminations that change the appearance and temperature in a photograph or video.</div> dancinglady39.files.wordpress.com
<div>Makeup</div><div>When cosmetics are applied to an actor in preparation for a role.</div> 2.bp.blogspot.com

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