Dolphins -1 LS
<div>Reproduction- A male and a female mate, once it is time to give birth the female dolphin goes near shallow water and normally one other dolphin comes to help deliver. A dolphin gives birth to one baby at a time.</div><div><br></div> YouTube
<div>Homeostasis- Dolphins body temperature remains the same. This is because the use their bubbler to keep warm in the cool water and they are warm blooded.</div>
<div>Growth and development- Dolphins live and spend time with their family but then leave to find a mate and start their own family. </div>
<div>Organized cells- Dolphins are multicellular so that means they don't have a specific organization. </div>
<div>Dolphins get their energy from the food they eat. They usually hunt together and trap schools of fish.</div>
<div>Response- Dolphins are just like humans, they have the brain like the human brain, they have all 5 senses. But theirs are more developed than humans, especially their hearing sense. They are able to find their way around the ocean very easily using their senses.</div>

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