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<div><span style="font-size:16px;">The Old South Meeting House</span></div><div>This place holds one of biggest histories of Boston in many ways. This place was the tallest of the Boston colony, in which many highly anticipated debates, discussions, and orders have been taken from. Out of many one event stand out towards creating an influence on the revolution. After the Bostonian were taxed highly for tea, the debate took place at this place. In which after all the argument this is the very place that the signal for the Boston Tea Party took place. Samuel Adams gave the green light and about 5000 angry Bostonian disguised as Indians dumped 324 chests of tea. This is one of the greater factor for the Revolution.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> drive.google.com IMG_3583.jpg
<div>Boston Common</div><div> This place is the oldest American public park which was established in 1634. The Common was used as a camp by the British before the American Revolutionary War, from which they left for the Battle of Lexington and Concord. It was used for public hangings up until 1817. This was the place for a celebrations for Bostonians to be, to riot and also march. This was a symbolic place for Bostonians to do those things.</div> drive.google.com IMG_3579.jpg
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">The Granary Burial Ground</span></div><div>This place holds a lot of history in that The Sons Of Liberty were buried here such as John Hancock, Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. Although this place doesn't have a direct role towards the Revolution, there is a lot of history in this place because it holds the people who have made History for the Colony of Boston. </div> drive.google.com IMG_3581.jpg
<div>The Old State House</div><div>It was built in 1713, this place served as a place where merchants' exchange and also as the seat of colonial and state governments. Moreover the Boston massacre, when British soldiers fired in to a crowd of Bostonians took place right in front of this Old State House. This action of the British caused anger in the Bostonians, which is part of the cause for the revolution driven by the adding the fuel to the fire that the Bostonians had with all those frustration earlier.</div> drive.google.com IMG_3597.jpg
<div>The Faneuil Hall</div><div>This building was used as the main market building in the Boston colony. In addition this building was also used as a place where higher meetings took place. This building doesn't have a direct role in creating the revolution, how ever some key discussions and arguments took place here. Such as when Samuel Adams and others plead against tax evasions.</div> drive.google.com IMG_3624.jpg
<div>Paul Revere's House</div><div><br></div><div> Counted as the oldest town in Boston. This place served as a home of one of the most iconic person in the history of Boston, Paul Revere. The history behind him was that how he was able to spread the news that the British were coming to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock in a single night. This place had no direct involvement to the Revolution, but now it is the oldest remaining structure in downtown Boston and the only home on the Freedom Trail. </div> drive.google.com IMG_3605.jpg
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