<div>-In 1521 Juan Ponce De Leon died in Cuba.</div><div><br></div> www.latinamericanstudies.org
<div>- Juan Ponce De Leon sailed to Puerto Rico on his second voyage with Christopher Columbus. </div><div>- There was a herd of gold on Puerto Rico Ponce De Leon concord it and claimed it for Spain. </div><div><br></div> www.meetpuertorico.com
<div><span style="font-size:11px;">- Ponce De Leon got removed from his office in 1951 and was aloud to search for Bimini what had a herd of legendary spring which gave people light,health and was a fountain of youth.</span></div> www.scuba-diving-smiles.com
<div>- In 1913 he sailed northwest to Puerto Rico with 3 ships and 200 men in search of the fountain.</div><div>- Ponce De Leon reached Florida thinking it was Bambi and claimed Florida for Spain and named the land paskia de floreia.</div><div>- He sailed back to Puerto Rico without claiming Bambi.</div><div><br></div> s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
<div>- Juan Ponce De Leon was born in 1474 in Santervás de Campos, Spain</div> upload.wikimedia.org
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