Brazil by Hannah Kirchner
<div>Physical Geography </div><div>~occupies almost half of South America</div><div>~total area: 3,287,357 sq miles</div><div>~total water: 21,411 sq miles </div><div>~total land: 3,265,080 sq miles</div><div>~a majority of the amazon rain forest is in Brazil as well as the Amazon river</div><div>~Arable land: 8.6 %</div><div>~Permanent crops: .84 %</div><div>~Other: 90 %</div>
<div>Population Data</div><div>~Life expectancy at birth is on average 74 years</div><div>~GDP: 1.775 trillion</div><div>~Total Population is 207.85 million people</div><div>~&amp;.4% of people live in poverty</div>
<div>Dangerous Things In Brazil</div><div>~The Lancehead snake is responsible for more human mortality than any other snake in South America</div><div>~The Coral Snake is also one of the most venomous snakes </div><div>~The Brazilian wandering spider is one of the most aggressive and venomous spiders </div>
<div>Tourist Places </div><div>Pantanal: </div><div>~Worlds largest tropical wetland area </div><div>~Estimated area of 54,000 to 75,000 sq miles</div><div><br></div><div>Christ The Redeemer</div><div>~Statue of Jesus Christ created by a French artist named Paul Landowski in 1922</div><div>~It was created to represent peace symbolized by the statues open arms</div><div><br></div><div>Rio Carnival</div><div>~Considered the biggest carnival in the world with 2 million people on the streets</div><div>~Typically it is filled with floats, revelers, adornments and samba schools </div><div>~Begins on Friday and ends on Ash Wednesday </div>
<div>Major Cities In Brazil</div><div>Sao Paulo</div><div>~11.32 million people </div><div>~one of the worlds most populated cities</div><div>~average temperature of 76 degrees</div><div><br></div><div>Rio De Janeiro</div><div>~6.3 million people </div><div>~known for the most favelas</div><div>~Brazil carnival</div><div>~average temperature of 81 degrees </div><div><br></div><div>Brasillia</div><div>~2.4 million people </div><div>~capital of Brazil</div><div>~average temperature of 73 degrees </div>
<div>Climate and weather impact</div><div>~Brazil is known to be fairly warm year round</div><div>~The climate varies between dry and hot to humid and sticky in the rain forest </div><div>~Because of the humid weather, citizens must be very cautious during the rainy season for flooding</div><div>~Hot temperatures require that citizens wear appropriate clothing and eye protection from the intense sun </div><div>~Constant rainfall can cause flooding so citizens near rivers must have their house prepared for floods</div>
<div>Natural hazards </div><div>Because of the constant rainfall, citizens must be aware of sinkholes, flooding and landslides that can be caused by the precipitation </div><div><br></div> A landslide destroyed houses and streets in the World Cup host city of Natal on Sunday, just one day before the USA take on Ghana in their first match of the...
<div>Slums/Favelas</div><div>~Rockinha is the largest favela in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in the southern area </div><div>~Almost 250,000 people live here </div><div>~Most of the houses are made of bricks and concrete </div><div>~Total area: 355.14 acres </div><div>~Is now officially classified as a neighborhood</div><div>~Most buildings are 3 or 4 stories </div><div>~Has slowly developed and now has electricity, plumbing and running water </div>
<div>Where I would live</div>
<div>Where would I live?</div><div>I would live right in the middle of the amazon rain forest because of the diversity in animals and plants. Although there would be numerous obstacles such as rain, poisonous animals and plants and basic needs such as electricity and plumbing, I think the experience would be very adventurous and educating. It's a much different way of living so that definitely has an impact on how citizens live here.</div> Amazon rainforest retreats: The Fab Five

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