<div>Family </div><div> Alexander The Great's Father was Philip ll of Mecdona. Alexander went with his father into battle. Before the Persian war, his father attended his sister wedding. When leaving Alexander's father seen a former bodyguard. When greeting the man, He stabbed Philip ll. Alexander became ruler and took leader in the war. </div> www.book530.com
<div>Education </div><div> Alexander's father taught him how to fight. He knew to be kind, Alexander needed a brain. Alexander's father got Aristotle to teach him. Alexander The Great's inspiration came for The Iliad. </div> img.posterlounge.co.uk
<div>Rise To Throne </div><div> Alexander fought with his father and became a general. When his father died, At 21 years old, Alexander became ruler. He felt like he had to prove himself </div> factsanddetails.com
<div>Unifying of Greek City-States</div><div> Alexander The Great conquered 2 million square miles. He created 10 cites. Him and he's men spent 4 years invading. Alexander didn't want to stop. </div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>Conquering Persian </div><div>Alexander the great took Achilles shield into battle for good luck. He set up a formation that never let him down. In two battles the emperor of The Persian Empire ran off in the mist of battle. Once Alexander got to the Persian empire, he burned it to avenge his father </div> historiarex.com
<div>Spread of Hellenism </div><div>Alexander The Great created cities as he conquered empires. He created 10 cities. Alexander took 2 million square miles.</div> www.wikispaces.com
<div>Fate of the Empire </div><div>Before Alexander the great died he said that the strongest will take the empire. Generals and kings started to fight out of greed. </div> cdn.teenink.com

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