APA Citation Tutorial: Book
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<div>Here are the authors' names. If the citation style calls for middle initials (as APA does), you may need to look on the fly leaf or copyright page.</div>
<div>Here is the publication year (2012). If the book is a reprint or newer edition, make sure to use the year of the edition you are citing--more than one year may be listed.</div>
<div>This is the title. A common rule of thumb is to take the book title off of the fly leaf page, rather than the book cover.</div>
<div>The publisher is Cambridge University Press. </div>
<div>The location can be found on the copyright page. Be careful locating this information, as multiple locations may appear (see above). </div>
<div>To cite this book in APA style, you will need the authors, year, title, publisher, and location. </div>

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