Somatic Therapy, Psychotherapy & Psychology Therapist Mumbai
<div>Somatic Experiencing is a method created by Dr Peter Levine to assess, work with and release traumatic shock and early childhood and developmental attachment trauma. The method is an integration of Dr Levine’s multidisciplinary studies on neurobiology, psychology, indigenous healing practices and biophysics.</div><div><br></div><div>Somatic Experiencing allows one to release post-traumatic stress that remains stuck in the trauma survivors nervous system inhibiting his or her capacity to live a fulfilling life. Once the trauma has been released the person can reclaim parts of his or her life, which were implicitly informed by the traumatic experience.</div> Sonera, a psychotherapist in Mumbai likes to refer to her practice as Psyche-Therapy, thereby removing any stigma associated with psychiatrists. We help people with mental disorders using cognitive behaviour therapy.

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