<div>Home Button--Navigate to the Buzz Dashboard</div>
<div>Activities Button--View module folders and lessons for the course</div>
<div>Performance Button-- View gradebook (current grade, due dates, completed assignments, feedback), activity, badges, and more. </div>
<div>Communication Button-- Send email to teacher, and see announcements.</div>
<div>Calendar Button---See assignment due dates in a daily, weekly, or monthly format. </div>
<div>Courses--Move between courses without returning to the Buzz Dashboard</div>
<div>Module Folders---View Lessons and Assignments/Assessments</div>
<div>Course Card</div>
<div>Enrollment Start Date</div>
<div>Up Next Icon--View the next lesson in the course </div>
<div>To Do List--Shows assignments due in the next seven days as well as any past due assignments</div>
<div>Help Button</div>
<div>Home Icon--Return to the Buzz Dashboard</div>
<div>Self Assessment--Allows you to share with your teacher how you feel you are doing on lessons or in the course </div>
<div>Expand--View in full screen mode, which is helpful on smaller screens or mobile devices</div>
<div>Profile--Upload your picture, change settings</div>
<div>For Me--Create a personal task or goal for a course</div>
<div>Announcements--Updates and information from the course teacher.</div>