Maori pā
Pā were built on suitable hills or ridges as well as strategic situations with sea, rivers, lake or swamp forming a natural barrier.
Pā were built to protect Maori in battle.
A different Maori pā In 1966 the first encyclopedia of New Zealand was published in three thick volumes. An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand was a critical and publishing success at the time, and has been used as a basic reference work about the country since then. We are proud to make it available online. Pā - Wikipedia This shows a re-creation of the pā defences upon Maungakiekie or One Tree Hill, in Auckland. Pā became prevalent after 1500 AD and tended to be located in areas of horticultural activity.
A different Maori pā
Different Maori pā
A water barrier. To make it harder to get to the pā from that side on.
Wooden fence for protection against attacking tribes and or pakeha.
Huts to live in for shelter.
Only accessible through this passage or crossing through the rapid water.
Maori pā are a defensive fort to protect Maori in battle
Pā were mainly made in the north island
In Māori culture, a great pā represented the mana and strategic ability of an iwi, as personified by a rangatira.

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