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<div>This is the post where this Word Cloud was generated</div> thoughtsfromschool.wordpress.com So, I’ve been thinking about change and being on the edge. I think about it because of my primary role as Director of Educational Technology, but also reflect about my affinity, or not, for i…
<div>This was the Daily Connect post that inspired Wendy's post, which inspired this Word Cloud.</div> dailyconnector.wordpress.com Earlier in a Connected Learning experience, Howard Rheingold shared these words that resonated with a lot of people (and it has been retweeted often). For today’s Daily Connect, explore Howar…
<div>Here is the CLMOOC site.</div> clmooc.com CLMOOC 2016 – This is the archive for CLMOOC 2016. For current CLMOOC activities, go to
<div>This notion of exploring our own boundaries -- either of our own making or not -- is key to growth. As teachers, we need to consider ways to get around restrictions, or find alternative paths, if we think it is in the best interest of our students. This is the "hack education" movement. -- Kevin</div>
<div>I am thinking of this word "help" in a way that reminds me of why online networks like CLMOOC are so valuable -- they provide "help" and "thinking partners" and places to play and experiment. We don't always get those opportunities in the physical spaces where we teach or work with young people. -- Kevin</div>
<div>The notion of change has so many variables .. it doesn't always mean start over from scratch. I think it means recognizing what may not be working to our satisfaction and finding another way forward. Change should be change for the better. -- Kevin</div>
<div>During the school year, we are so often caught in the rush of our days and lives that pausing, thinking, pondering, reflecting ... it's difficult to do. CLMOOC and its kin can provide some of that space and freedom. -- Kevin</div>
<div>It's interesting that "frustrating" and "opposition" ended up near each other in the Word Cloud. -- Kevin</div>
<div>A Note from Kevin: I grabbed the text of Wendy's post about Edges and put it into a Word Cloud generator. But it felt as if it deserved more than that. So, here I am annotating a bit within my own thinking -- riffing off Wendy. -- Kevin</div>
<div>Stand by You, by Us, by Me ..</div> www.youtube.com This song is featured on our first album, "PFC: Songs Around The World," get it here: http://bit.ly/PFCSATW1 From the award-winning documentary, Playing For ...
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<div>Here I be ...</div> dogtrax.edublogs.org Kevin's Meandering Mind | If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. ~ Charlie Parker

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