<div>Mr. Keniston, Teacher-Librarian</div>
<div>Newspapers that you may borrow - Usually recent issues of the Worcester Telegram, but occasionally college newspapers and other random items of interest.</div>
<div>Magazines: a few subscriptions, but most are donated copies. You may borrow all but the most recent issue for up to three weeks.</div>
<div>National Geographic Magazines: the most recent issues from the last three to five years. You may borrow all but the latest issue for up to three weeks.</div>
<div>Announcements for upcoming events. Please speak with Mr. Keniston if your organization wants to promote an event.</div>
<div>Bulletin Board. Large, interesting and informative posters go in this area, including examples of student work.</div>
<div>The Flag of the U.S.A. - Please rise and be respectful during the Pledge of Allegance and quiet during school announcements. </div>
<div>Mr. Keniston's desk. Please do not touch anything in this area (computer, drawers, or papers) without specific permission from Mr. K. Thanks.</div>
<div>Other flags. Mr. Keniston is from New Hampshire and has traveled to countries on every continent except Antarctica. The "rainbow" diversity flag honors people from every background and ethnicity... including YOU!</div>
<div>The bookshelves along this wall are where you will find most fiction (also called novels), including literary classics. These books are arranged in order by the last name of the author.</div>
<div>Most books along this wall are non-fiction items that you would use for a research paper, but there are also graphic novels, books in Spanish, and other items that can be borrowed for up to three weeks.</div>
<div>All food, liquids, gum and other trash goes in one of the white containers. Cans, bottles, paper and cardboard go in the green recycling bin.</div>
<div>The blue rolling chair can be used by students when confiring with Mr. Keniston at his desk, or during class meetings. </div>
<div>The SmartBoard is used for class instruction and presentations. Please ask permission and get trained before using.</div>
<div>Audio cart: a turntable, amplifier, two speakers, and record albums. You may request music during quiet time, but please do not touch without permission and training.</div>
<div>Doors: Usually kept closed and locked. Please open for adults that you know, and ask permission to admit students who are not part of this class.</div>
<div>Windows: Please don't touch them because this creates more work for our custodians. Students who disrespect the windows will be required to wash them after school.</div>
<div>Small white boards: These are available for students to use during group work. Please return them here.</div>
<div>Computers: Please put your name on the sign-in sheet and then log-on. Please log off the computer when you are done.</div>
<div>Please shut down and turn off your computer at the end of the day.</div>
<div>Lectern: Home of the clipboard and sign-in sheet that allows you to use a library computer.</div>
<div>The projector for the smart board is located here. Special permission is required to use it.</div>
<div>Lights: Please leave them alone. If you want the lighting level changed, please ask Mr. Keniston.</div>
<div>This computer is used for presentations. Please ask for permission before using it for other work.</div>
<div>Plants: Yes, they are alive. Please treat them kindly.</div>
<div>Chairs: Please "tuck them under" when you arise... neatly and quietly.</div>