<div>This is a garklein. Its lowest note is C two octaves above middle C.Its very high pitch could probably call all the dogs in the neighbourhood. It can play almost 2 octaves.</div>
<div>The sopranino recorder is a recorder in F. Its lowest note is an octave and a half above middle C. </div>
<div>The soprano recorder is the one played most often in schools. Its lowest note is C (an octave above middle C). People often have a low opinion of recorders because of their experience with playing in school.</div>
<div>The alto recorder is the one heard most often as a solo instrument. Many sonatas and concertos were written for it during the baroque era. Its lowest note is F above middle C. It can play more than 2 octaves.</div>
<div>The tenor recorder has a mellow sound. Its lowest note is middle C. Recorder quartets usually have a soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorder.</div>
<div>The bass recorder's lowest note is F below middle C.Some of the holes are covered by keys; otherwise it would be impossible to reach all the holes. Some people are able to blow directly into the recorder. I need to use a bocal (the metal tube with a mouth piece on the end) as I am too short to reach both the keys and the top of the recorder at the same time.</div>
<div>This is a great bass recorder in C (an octave below middle C). It has even more keys than the bass. It is almost as tall as I am. I rest the bottom on the floor when I play sitting. When I play standing, I can use a wooden peg at the bottom to raise it.</div>
<div>You can see even bigger recorders (all renaissance recorders here.)</div> Live performance at the Kunsthalle, Lingen (Germany) April 10, 2011 Arrangement: Paul Leenhouts Diminutions: María Martínez Ayerza The Royal Wind Music Petri...

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