Brainstorm and Concept Mapping Tools - Summer Institute 2016 Brainstorming in the classroom motivate students to freely express their ideas and thoughts on a subject. As there are no wrong and right answers, the sessions provide students with a platform where they can voice their thoughts without fear of failure. Learn how concept mapping helps students and teachers organize and communicate ideas. In this teaching article, Katie McKnight reveals how graphic organizers are important and effective pedagogical tools for organizing content and ideas and facilitating learners’ comprehension of newly acquired information. Visual Thinking – Hi there!
<div>"Visual Thinking School"</div> Based on words from "Visual Thinking School" by Dave Gray. Dave Gray, consultant and author of "Game Storming" and "The Connected Company", tells us what Visual Thinking is, why it's important and why you should try your hand at it: drawing is fun and useful and not just for artists!

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