<div>Front board</div><div>"On a hardback book, the actual cover sans dust jacket might be rather plain. It is likely made of paper-covered cardboard rather than leather and linen. On a paperback, the front cover takes the place of the dust jacket as a sales piece to communicate information about the book. As such, it is designed by an artist and usually printed in full color."</div><div>More from Barbara Doyen</div> www.barbaradoyen.com Anatomy of a Book: The Physical Parts
<div>Spine</div><div>"This is the left side of the book (in the West) where the pages are bound. It is often the only part of the book that is visible in the bookstore where most books are shelved, rather than displayed face out. The spine usually contains the book’s title (but maybe not the subtitle), at least the last name of the author, and the publisher’s identity, usually by including their logo because there is not enough room for their company name or imprint."</div> www.barbaradoyen.com Anatomy of a Book: The Physical Parts
<div>Back board</div>
<div>International Standard Book Number</div><div>Numeric book identifer</div><div><br></div> en.wikipedia.org International Standard Book Number - Wikipedia
<div>Block of book</div><div><br></div> www.barbaradoyen.com Anatomy of a Book: The Contents

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