Racial Equality Hands
<div>The hands are the main focus of this image. It seems as if the photographer has purposely blurred out the grass in order to capture just the hands. </div>
<div>The specific colours used indicate a different race for each hand. The hands are what first catches the viewers eye and they are all brightened.</div>
<div>Source information: "Racial Equality" Canadian Union of Public Employees Online - Google Images July 2016</div> cupe.ca
<div>The image is captured at a High Angle Shot in order to have the whole image captured equally.</div>
<div>High key lighting is used to enhance the mood of the photo creating an energetic mood.</div>
<div>The main idea of the image captures unity among the different tones of the arms. We are led to believe that no matter what the colour of your skin, that at the end of the day we are still united as one and stand together.</div>

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