Close Reading Strategies
<div>Reading Like a Sleuth</div> As a teacher, the Common Core State Standards can be a lot to get your mind around. When you take a closer look at the Standards for the English Language Arts, however, it’s clear that the main goal is to get kids to engage with what they’re reading on a deeper level: to ask questions … The Teaching Students To Analyze Complex Texts Infographic presents a few questions students should ask themselves during the close reading process. 10 Tips for Close Reading Activities Infographic. Close reading activities will help your students improve their reading comprehension if you know how.
<div>Close Reading Anchor Chart</div>
<div>How to Structure a Close Read Lesson</div> How to Structure a Close Read Lesson | Ms. Houser
<div>5 Tips for Teaching Close Reading</div> Visit the post for more.
<div>Teaching Students to be Smart Annotators</div> The Teaching Students to Be Better Annotators Infographic provides ideas for teaching annotation in the classroom.
<div>Check out the 8 infographics below and choose a close reading strategy that you will employ with your students. Post that strategy in the Padlet link.</div> What strategy will you employ with your students this year? How will you use this strategy in your classroom?
<div>Close Reading and Text Dependent Questions</div> Just used Piktochart to make an Infographic about the Close Reading of Text for upcoming blog post!

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