#NotAtISTE poster for #gmttc
<div>iMovie trailer to share a little of our passion about connecting students to share the learning!</div> www.youtube.com Testing out the iMovie Trailer on the iPad app. Sharing about Global Math Task Twitter Challenge.
<div>For more information Check out our blog!</div> gmttc.blogspot.com Global Math Task Twitter Challenge
<div>A little intro into the new #gmttc24 challenge this year.</div> youtu.be A sneak peek into a new challenge for The Global Math Task Twitter Challenge. Join us to share the learning.
<div>Connect with us on Twitter!</div> twitter.com The latest Tweets from Global Math Task (@globalmathtask). Connecting classroom virtually to exchange math tasks. Join the challenge! Tweets by @bevladd & @swampfrogfirst Instragram: @gmttc Follow #gmttc24. Globally
<div>Sign up to Tweet out math tasks for a week. Connect your students to share the learning!</div> goo.gl Sheet1 Kindergarten - #GMTTCK,First Grade - #GMTTC1,Second Grade - #GMTTC2 ,Third Grade - #GMTTC3 Date ,Name,Twitter Handle,Email,Location,Date ,Name,Twitter Handle,Email,Location,Date ,Name,Twitter Handle,Email,Location,Date ,Name,Twitter Handle,Email,Location 9/12/2016,Kellie Cacioppo,@caci...
<div>Search the hashtag for your grade level each week. Find a math task to share with your students. Tweet their solutions on Twitter. </div>
<div>Use #gmttc tasks to create interactive notebook pages for students to show their strategies. Take a photo and tweet out the solution to share the learning.</div>

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