Biomi terrestri
<div>Foresta tropicale</div> IMAX - 1992 Tropical Rainforest takes you on a 400 million year journey to illustrate the diversity and beauty of life in the forests. Featuring the birds an... E' un bioma soprattutto tropicale e subtropicale, caratterizzato da una vegetazione a prevalenza erbosa, con arbusti e alberi abbastanza distanziati da non d... Our planet, Earth, has a lot of wonderful things and places, but we, human beings, don't know how to price them! This is an informative video about deserts! ...
<div>Macchia Mediterranea</div> Lands of Two Seasons: The World's Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems - YouTube
<div>Prateria temperata</div> This is a presentation I did for an environmental (earth) science class.
<div>Foresta temperata</div> This is my Science project on Biomes. I did this in late May 2010 and am just now getting to posting it on YouTube. My class really liked this and I hope you... apes class project
<div>Tundra</div> I hope this video help you tu know a littlebit more about the tundra, I hope you like it!
<div>Ghiacci polari</div>
<div>Cime montuose</div> Mountain ecology is the branch of ecology that studies life systems on mountains or other high elevation regions on the Earth. The ecosystems on mountains ar...

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