EdD Conference 2016: Creativity and Well-being Group
mypad.northampton.ac.uk Rebecca Heaton on Art and Design Education
Research that involves young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties as partners enables accessibility to their world. An outcome of this type of research is that young people with such difficulties have accessibility to "the normal world."
'Capturing internal dialogue as part of reflexivity in the final thesis....using the function of the Greek Chorus....... as an avatar......presentation as a commentary box or similar, appearing as needed throughout the script........
My initial writing approach was to integrate my own commentary amongst the literature, methodology and research findings. However comments from my supervisor suggested that I needed to show ‘more’ of my process and myself. Upon reflection I was shrinking behind the words and stories of others be it academics, other researchers, or my participants. My lack of confidence in my own voice, and internal assumption that others have more to offer than myself was at play. It took time to feel comfortable in revealing myself and to tell my own story. Once I gained the confidence to show a ‘parallel process’, the two-sided page format evolved. On the left side in black reads one story, and the right side in blue reads another. They are two sides of a similar story that are not as certain as fact, but also cannot be labeled as fiction. Instead they are somewhere in-between. One side is not more important than the other they just differ in terms of voice and the account given. At times the left side displays what is written in the literature, and the right my impressions of it. The left offers the structure of the research project, and the right my reasoning. Other times the left covers the themes of participants involved in the research, and the right my understandings of it. Sometimes the left provides a metaphorical story of participant themes, and the right the literature supporting the metaphor. The two sides are intended to bring the story together. s4.thingpic.com

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