Red Bull X-Fighters Bikes - Mat Rebeaud´s KTM SX350 Adventure, Purity, Performance, Extreme - KTM is READY TO RACE
<div><b>FLIP LEVER - Action Position</b></div><div>A Flip Bar or 'lever' is a metal plate or pipe wrapped with soft material, coming off the handle bars, and going in front of the rider's wrist or lower arm to stop the rider from rotating over a certain point during the flips, while also letting the bike continue to move. It functions as a pressure point to move the body back on the bike. Flip bars have a hold and an action position. During his run, the rider switches the bars according to which trick he wants to perform.</div>
<div><b>FORK GRIP </b></div><div>The number plate gets cut away so that the rider can stick Griptape or Stomp-Grip to the fork. He can then clamp on with his legs while doing a Cliffhanger.</div>
<div><b>HANDLE-BARS / TRICK LIST</b></div><div>All FMX riders use oversized handlebars, which – in contrast to standard MX handlebars – have no struts between the two brakes. That gives the riders more room for tricks such as Barhop, Candybar and Dead-Body.</div>
<div><b>SEAT </b></div><div>Riders remove some of the foam padding under the leather to give them more room to manoeuvre when pulling off tricks such as No-Footed-Cans.</div>
<div><b>EXHAUST SYSTEM </b></div><div>Most riders upgrade the standard exhaust system for more power.</div>
<div><b>GRAB HOLES </b></div><div>Wide holes are cut into the fender side plastics and, on some bikes, the subframe is adjusted to create a good grab hole for seat-grab tricks.</div>
<div><b>REAR SHOCK </b></div><div>Every rider uses his personal set-up on the suspension. Front fork and rear shock have to work in perfect harmony for the rider to make smooth landings after big tricks.</div>
<div><b>FOOT PEGS</b></div><div>Wide footpegs offer riders more stability and help to disperse the impact on landing.</div>
<div><b>PRE-MUFFLER </b></div><div>Part of the exhaust system of a four-stroke bike, the pre-muffler offers maximum power and performance when the throttle's wide open and reduces the noise of the bike.</div> Official Red Bull X-Fighters Instagram Account. Use #redbullxfighters to share your passion! Watch all the action from Madrid again on demand! Red Bull X-Fighters. 3.2M likes. Official Red Bull X-Fighters Facebook page. Use #redbullxfighters to share your passion. The latest Tweets from Red Bull X-Fighters (@xfighters). Official Red Bull X-Fighters Twitter account. Use #redbullxfighters to share your passion. worldwide
<div><b>STEERING STABILISER</b></div><div>Just about every single FMX rider runs a steering stabiliser, so the handlebars stay straight on tricks like the No-Hand Flip.</div>
<div><b>FLIP LEVER - Hold Position</b></div><div>Flip bars have a hold and an action position. During his run, the rider switches the bars according to which trick he wants to perform.</div>
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