<div>What did Back to the Future Get Right?</div> www.youtube.com CNN's Jake Tapper takes a look back at the predictions in the cult classic.
<div>"Orwell got it right - and wrong"</div> docs.google.com Orwell was right--and wrong: George Orwell's 1984 accurately portrays many aspects of totalitarianism, but this tale of "Big Brother" is not without its flaws Charles Scaliger The New American. 23.10 (May 14, 2007): p29. From General OneFile. Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2007 American Opinion Publishi...
<div>"How America's Best Science Fiction Writers are Shaping Your Future"</div> www.smithsonianmag.com The literary genre isn’t meant to predict the future, but implausible ideas that fire inventors’ imaginations often, amazingly, come true
<div>"Why the West Loves Scifi and Fantasy: A Cultural Explanation"</div> www.theatlantic.com The world's largest film industry—that'd be India's—is largely barren of the superhero and spaceship films that dominate Hollywood. What, exactly, accounts for the difference?
<div>"How to Write Science Fiction"</div> www.creative-writing-now.com How to write science fiction – tips for new sci-fi authors on how to write a novel that explores an alternative reality. Plus, the chance to take free online writing courses.
<div>Beatty's Speech (divide into sections)</div> drive.google.com F451 Future section.docx
<div>TREE+C Organizer for Writing</div> docs.google.com Analyzing Science Fiction Planner
<div>1984 &amp; BTF Evaluate Arguments and Evidence</div> docs.google.com Evaluating Arguments & Evidence 2
<div>Big Questions</div> padlet.com Answer these two questions: 1. Why are we so hung up on the future? 2. Why are science fiction writers so good at predicting the future? Or are they?

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