The Berlin Wall
<div>November 9, 1989, opening were made to the Berlin Wall meaning that East Germans could travel freely to West Germany</div>
<div>1949-1961; Skilled workers, professionals, and intellectuals fled from East to West Germany.</div>
<div>East Germany created the wall because the loss of people was threatening to destroy the economic viability for the East. </div>
<div>The Wall was a barrier that surrounded West Berlin which prevented access from East Berlin and areas of East Germany</div>
<div>The wall was first made up of barbed wire and cinder block. But later, it was replaced with concrete walls carrying barbed wire. </div>
<div>The wall was guarded by German border troops,watchtowers, gun emplacements, and mines.</div>
<div>Germans still tried to cross the wall.</div><ul><li>About 5,000 East Germans managed to cross</li><li>About 5,000 were captured by East German authorities while attempting to cross</li><li> 191 were killed while crossing the wall</li></ul>
<div>The Berlin Wall came to symbolize the Cold War's division from East to West Germany. </div>
<div>The Berlin Wall surrounded West Germany. </div>
<div>The Wall created a symbol for the suppression of human rights during the civil war</div>

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